Shelby Crushed Stone, Inc.  

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Landscape Stone - Eagle Harbor has beautifully colored, natural products that creates landscape stone offering a distinctive look that is widely desired by local landscapers. Eagle Harbor’s products include rounded 1/2”, 1”, 2” and 3” gravel of earth toned colors that compliment any landscape.

Topsoil - Shelby has high quality Shredded and Unshredded nutrient-rich topsoil. Eagle Harbor also has unshredded topsoil available at the Albion location.

Dirt Fill - Shelby has dirt fill available from the overburden above our limestone quarry. This material can be used as general fill.

Aglime - Shelby’s Aglime product is perfect for reducing soil acidity, leading to high profitable crop yields and long-term soil productivity. Shelby offers high quality blended agricultural lime. Blended lime has a minimum effective neutralizing value of 84%.

Crusher Run - Shelby offers crusher run ranging from 5/8” to 6” in size. Most common uses are driveways, sidewalks/patios subbase and foundation backfill.

Washed Stone and Washed Gravel - Shelby offers washed #1's, #1A's and #2's and Eagle Harbor offers a variety of mixed sized stone including pea gravel, tailings, #1's, #2's and #3's.

Decorative Rip Rap - Shelby has a variety of raw material in assorted sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 5 feet. These products can be used as rip rap along shorelines or ponds. The larger pieces are also used as accent pieces and garden wall stone. Ponds can be lined with Eagle Harbor tailings that give a special earthtone shoreline look.

Sand Products - Eagle Harbor supplies a variety of sand products including Pool Sand, Mason/Mortar Sand, and Concrete Sand for residential and commercial landscaping applications.